Do you ever walk into a Metaphysical store and want to buy EVERYTHING you see? I know I do. Even during my most challenging financial moments, I will find a way to at least treat myself to a ritual candle, a small healing stone, or a stick or two of incense. Energy fills these spaces that I want to take home with me… and even though I now own my own tiny metaphysical shop, I still feel drawn to others. Again … it’s an energy thing. Sharing the same space with other like-minded souls creates vibration and connection that is almost palpable. And I will continue to shop at and support my fellow small business owners who supply me and my fellow energy junkies!
All that said- I also think it’s so much fun to create some of my own ritual accouterments! Working with our hands and making something has a way of connecting us to things. Like when we grow a garden- yes, of course, the veggies are tastier and fresher, but there was also a lot of other stuff that made those veggies taste so freaking good. The dedication to nurturing and tending to the seedlings and plants gives the gardener a sense of satisfaction. That effort adds to the overall enjoyment of the product.
So the next time you find yourself needing some motivation to meditate, journal, or work on your Tarot knowledge, start with a crafting project to get your juices flowing and see where it takes you!

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